The African Journey

II festival of the friendship

between africa and russia



Впервые в Москве

About the Festival

The Media project "MamaAfrica", the Institute for African Studies for the Russian Academy of Science (RAS) and the Russian Peace Foundation welcome you to the site of the Festival "Mama Africa".

The second Annual Festival will demonstrate the possibilities of visiting the Sunny continent, the tourism potential and the cultural diversity of African countries and peoples. We will gather all those engaged in popularizing travel to various parts of Africa (travel agencies, journalists, bloggers) in one platform. Our task is to interest our visitors and contribute to the promotion of African tourist destinations.


Our goals in 2020:

• More than 30 countries representing Africa

• From 40 participants

• Up to 20,000 Festival visitors

• Large-scale PR campaign covering more than 500,000

The festival will take place on the territory of the MISIS University, in the heart of the capital.

Festival history

Festival history

University "MISiS"

University "MISIS" is one of the most prominent universities in Russia. This is undoubtedly a global center of science and culture in Russia.

Our projects

Media project "MamaAfrica" dedicated to the culture, history and traditions of African countries.

Cultural event “Sudan Times”. A joint project with the Friendship Society with the Republic of Sudan and the cultural center “Francoteque”.

Фестиваль «Яркая африканская осень».


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Festival "Bright African Autumn".